Artificial Intelligence within KIS Books

Artificial Intelligence within KIS Books provides:
– a Virtual Bookkeeper;
– Interactive Screens – defaulted to display the Heart of Things with touch control;
– High Level Commands that Instantly take you there;
– Immediate Access to Six Years of your Financial Data, Reports and Images (receipts/documents/selfies etc.,);
– No learning curve – just tap/press on Sam or any Icon or Label.

Welcome to a New World of AI :
(i) a virtual bookkeeper, SAM, enters your data, sends customer invoices and runs your financial reports etc.,
(ii) self-drive by tapping on high level commands.

The Problem:
Accounting – it is complex and unrelenting.

An Answer:
KIS Books offers the Fix – Artificial Intelligence.

For the accounting minded, – KIS Books automates the accounting process in its unique background processes. Creating seamless user experiences like; – allowing users to “drag and drop” entries around a
report, Financial Reporting on the fly, unrestricted EOFY Rollovers, instantly convert Quotes to Invoices, drill down & down & down, delivering four main screens as powerhouse tools of data management and
reporting, twin ledgers (business and personal), automated national sales tax Interface (cash/accrual), accessing six financial years of complete data and reports, etc., – all with a simple touch of a finger.

If it moves KIS Books automated it:
KIS Books automates all these things by logically layering interactive screens. These WYSIWYG environments empower users with high level commands. For instance, to manually enter a Sales
transaction tap on the target sales account name, to enter an Expense event tap on the target expense account name, the entries are partly prefilled and there is an option to add an image from your camera
or gallery.

The all important Bottom Line:
KIS Books automatically displays the most important piece of financial information – your Net Profit – both monthly and annually after every transaction. Being able to monitor
this strongest driver of your cash flow every day is an indispensable tool for your financial security.

The AI background systems and the layered interactive Screens are all are purpose designed to provide a complete business platform. At a glance you can see where your money is coming and going, – giving
effortless financial control.
KIS Books represents a new generation of AI software:
Most accounting systems are replicas of a system that was used by the merchants of Venice almost a millennium ago. A brilliant system of Debits and Credits that provided the financial control that started a
whole new world of commerce and currency. This system was powered by rooms of newly trained bookkeepers entering exciting new careers in double entry accounting, – balancing and entering data in
ledger books.

KIS Books has automated this system for small business and powered it by a Virtual Bookkeeper, – Sam.