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Welcome to a new way to manage your money.

Welcome to a new world of doing Business. Say hello to your new business partner, KIS Books.

The Artificial Intelligence in KIS Books really does bring to your business an exciting new way of managing your business.

No more panics at the end of the Financial Year or preparing your State sales tax reports. If you have a tax audit – just switch on your phone and smile.KIS BOOKS is the best bookkeeping app that automates manual bookkeeping tasks. KIS BOOKS uses AI technology to organize your documentation and bring all of your bookkeeping and sales tax preparation into a single automated platform. This platform delivers great cost and time savings as it automates the accounting functions in its back-office systems eliminating stress and learning curves.

KIS BOOKS is the popular choice as it presents unquestionable value. The cost of having your own Virtual Bookkeeper for a “Year” is about the same as “One Hour” with your accountant.

One thing our users pick up on straight away is that KIS BOOKS puts them in control of their business. Many for the first time.

80% of small businesses are ‘One Woman/Man Bands” – their revenues are created from impressing their clients with outstanding personalized services and creative flexible solutions. The creation of Goodwill. Carrying KIS BOOKS in your back pocket can instantly solve many issues on-the-fly to protect this hard earned Goodwill. You can impress your clients with instant Invoicing/Receipts/Quotes/Images/Documentation reviews – you do not have to delegate and waste time re-explaining issues to another service – KIS BOOKS is the service. KIS BOOKS has been specifically designed to support you in every moment.

Being dedicated to Android and iOS Smart phones allows KIS BOOKS to give an unsurpassed experience for both iPhone and Android users.

The traditional method of manual bookkeeping is tedious and prone to human error. But with this automated bookkeeping app you get a more accurate and very affordable high-tech solution. This new technology makes the mundane task of bookkeeping a pleasurable and exciting experience.

The AI technology in this product will be one of the foundation stones of your financial success. KIS BOOKS is the most easy-to-use platform – it doesn’t matter if you’re not wired up for bookkeeping – KIS BOOKS is. Our Virtual Bookkeeper “SAM” will enter your Data, send your Invoices, and prepare your Financial Reports.

KIS Books has been designed specifically for sole traders and other small businesses. With this app, you can easily track your unpaid and overdue invoices, as well as offering a streamlined Quotation system that will impress your customers and improve sales revenues. This small business bookkeeping software allows businesses to track their expenses with a unique user interface. This allows users to see exactly what is going on with a tap of your finger – even allowing users to drag and drop expenses around reports without having to learn what a journal entry is.

A Really New Experience

KIS Books is a really powerful environment that includes twin platforms that separate your business from your personal dealings – this is a great financial management advantage. KIS BOOKS keeps an image library that separates your personal and business receipts/documents.

KIS Books has been designed just for the unique world of small business. This way it can automate most things that most small businesses require.

The app’s main screen is the Business Center Screen. This screen organizes your income, expenses, assets & liabilities automatically – users do nothing but scroll or tap Fast Keys to navigate and run instant reports without typing a date.

This new Cloud based application ensures your data is kept securely on the Cloud and constantly backed up – all your data can be instantly recalled for six financial years at a touch of a button without typing a date.

This automated accounting platform has been carefully designed to work in a responsive and seamless fashion. This gives our users an experience not available with any other system.

Our AI bookkeeping app will give you a unique overview of your account activity and key metrics such as full financial reporting, account balances, integrated accounts payable and receivable systems, integrated quotation system and a national sales tax activity screen that once experienced is hard to live without.

For the accounting minded:

KIS Books automates all the Debits and Credits in the background, performs automated EOFY Rollovers, works exclusively with Natural Sign Formats, automates all things Sales Tax on an accrual or cash basis, twin-independent ledgers for business and personal financial control, Drag & Drop expense correction process, full financial reporting without typing a date, – and much more

Artificial Intelligence within KIS Books

Artificial Intelligence within KIS Books provides:
– a Virtual Bookkeeper;
– Interactive Screens – defaulted to display the Heart of Things with touch control;
– High Level Commands that Instantly take you there;
– Immediate Access to Six Years of your Financial Data, Reports and Images (receipts/documents/selfies etc.,);
– No learning curve – just tap/press on Sam or any Icon or Label.

Welcome to a New World of AI :
(i) a virtual bookkeeper, SAM, enters your data, sends customer invoices and runs your financial reports etc.,
(ii) self-drive by tapping on high level commands.

The Problem:
Accounting – it is complex and unrelenting.

An Answer:
KIS Books offers the Fix – Artificial Intelligence.

For the accounting minded, – KIS Books automates the accounting process in its unique background processes. Creating seamless user experiences like; – allowing users to “drag and drop” entries around a
report, Financial Reporting on the fly, unrestricted EOFY Rollovers, instantly convert Quotes to Invoices, drill down & down & down, delivering four main screens as powerhouse tools of data management and
reporting, twin ledgers (business and personal), automated national sales tax Interface (cash/accrual), accessing six financial years of complete data and reports, etc., – all with a simple touch of a finger.

If it moves KIS Books automated it:
KIS Books automates all these things by logically layering interactive screens. These WYSIWYG environments empower users with high level commands. For instance, to manually enter a Sales
transaction tap on the target sales account name, to enter an Expense event tap on the target expense account name, the entries are partly prefilled and there is an option to add an image from your camera
or gallery.

The all important Bottom Line:
KIS Books automatically displays the most important piece of financial information – your Net Profit – both monthly and annually after every transaction. Being able to monitor
this strongest driver of your cash flow every day is an indispensable tool for your financial security.

The AI background systems and the layered interactive Screens are all are purpose designed to provide a complete business platform. At a glance you can see where your money is coming and going, – giving
effortless financial control.
KIS Books represents a new generation of AI software:
Most accounting systems are replicas of a system that was used by the merchants of Venice almost a millennium ago. A brilliant system of Debits and Credits that provided the financial control that started a
whole new world of commerce and currency. This system was powered by rooms of newly trained bookkeepers entering exciting new careers in double entry accounting, – balancing and entering data in
ledger books.

KIS Books has automated this system for small business and powered it by a Virtual Bookkeeper, – Sam.