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Can my accountant access my data?

Can my accountant access my data?

In “Tools & Favorites” there is an Option to set up three email contacts. You can email your financial reports to your accountant directly from KIS BOOKS.

To do this go to the ADMINISTRATION screen and then Tap on TOOLS & FAVORITES. Then Tap on “Email List for Reports” in this screen fill out the details of your accountant or other recipients, – you can have up to 3 emails to select from when sending reports.

Any party you trust with your log in details can access your data using a KIS BOOKS app. If you disclose these details you can always subsequently change your password to terminate access to others. If you do not disclose to any entity and keep safe the PUK supplied when you first installed KIS BOOKS this will always give you as the authorized user the ultimate access control regardless of passwords.

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